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Nicaragua offers some of the most generous investment incentives and best treatment of investors in Latin America, which could significantly reduce the often low cost of buying property, living and doing business here.

In the past two decades, Nicaragua has privatized nearly all state-owned monopolies, except for public utilities, and it has opened up all sorts of new markets.

A foreign investment law ensures you can repatriate 100% of your profits and the initial investment as well.

You'll find no legal grounds for discrimination against you when you invest. The law allows for 100% foreign ownership in every economic sector. And there are no restrictive visa or work permit requirements to inhibit investment.

Nicaraguan Foreign Investment Law #344 mandates

equal treatment of foreign and domestic investors

eliminates restrictions on the way in which foreign capital can enter the country

recognizes the foreign investor's right to own and use property without limitation,
  and in the case of a declaration of eminent domain, to receive proper indemnification

Retirement Incentives

You're eligible for retirement benefits if over 45 years of age with a monthly income of at least $400 (each dependent family member requires an additional $100).

• Pay no taxes on any out-of-country earnings.

• Bring up to $10,000 worth of household goods for your own home, duty-free.

• Import one car for personal or general use and pay no import tax or protective tariff, and after 5 years you can sell it, again exempt from consumer sales tax.

• Import an additional vehicle every 5 years under the same tax exemptions.

Tourism Incentive Law #306

• 80% to 100% tax exemption on business income over for a period of 10 years

• Exemption of property tax for a period of 10 years

• 100% Sales tax exemption on design services, engineering, and construction

• 100% Exemption of Import duties and sales tax on construction materials, furniture, equipment, vehicles and accessories for a period of at least 10 years.

Free Zone Law

100% exemption on Income and Municipal Taxes

• 100% Exemption on Value-Added tax

• Zero tax on Capital Gains

• 100% Import Duty Exemption on machinery, equipment, raw material, and accessories

Forestry Incentives Law Taxes Exemption

• 50% Sales Tax Exemption on Sale of Land for 10 years

• 50% to 100% Income Tax Exemption for 10 years

• 100% Exemption on Real Estate taxes

• 100% Exemption of Import Duties

Law for the Promotion of Energy Generation from Renewable Sources

• Exemption of customs duties on the importation of machinery, equipment, material and raw material

• Exemption of all the Municipal Taxes on real state, sales and registrations during the construction a project, for a period of 10 years

• Exemption of the Value Added Tax

• Exemption of Income Tax for a maximum period of 7 years


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