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The Corn Islands offer the most beautiful beachfront in the country. They are second to none in the quality of Caribbean-style white sand and clear, blue and turquoise waters. They also host extremely rich and fertile soil capable of generating a variety of tropical fruits, including mango,banana, coconut, breadfruit, pear and avocado. It's another world, more like Jamaica than Nicaragua. English is more widely spoken here than Spanish. The real estate we represent in the area is picture perfect. The property values are extraordinary compared to the price of this kind of beachfront in other Caribbean islands like the Bahamas and Jamaica. The beauty and tranquility of this area must be seen to be believed. The Los Angeles Times says: "The Corns are far off the travel grid, but the payoff is solitude, scenery and some of the best fishing, diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean, at bargain prices." But "solitude" doesn't mean "hard to get to". The Islands are very accessible, less than a 2 hour daily flight from the International Airport in Nicaragua's capital of Managua. It's an easier trip here than it is to many other Nicaraguan beaches.

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