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Nicaragua offers waterfront and water views -- along oceans, lakes and rivers. They're all gaining greater attention as more practical, more affordable and in many cases more beautiful alternatives to other waterfront. In addition to offering a major central city of Spanish colonial heritage, the Leon area provides a choice of twin beaches (Poneloya and Penitas) only 20 minutes from town, with a colorfully electic mix of large beach homes, mom-and-pop open-air hut restaurants, golden sand, strong waves, beautiful beachfrontt and calm estuaries. You can enjoy the surf around noon, and be back to Leon for a movie premiere and a nice dinner in less than half an hour. No other part of Nicaragua offers this practical proximity of beachfront to major city amenities. The Corn Islands offer the most beautiful beachfront in the country, with clear, blue and turqoise waters, and are just a 2 hour daily flight from the International Airport in Nicaragua's capital of Managua. In addition, the coutry offers spectacular lake and rivew views.

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