We offer standard or customized relocation tours for groups and individuals. We work in close association with Christopher Howard Tours of Costa Rica. We're also happy to work with other tour operators under flexible, mutually agreed conditions that meet our standards. Our tours provide a comprehensive introduction to housing and lifestyle options in the Leon or Matagalpa area or both, depending on your preference.

We offer customized tours based on individual or group preferences. We try to get a sense of what you're interested in, how long you plan to be here, your preferences, your interests, your objectives and -- based on that -- put together a comprehensive tour that fits your profile.

Clients have the option of choosing tours to Leon, Matagalpa, the Corn Islands, other areas or a comprehensive of some or all of the above. The tours cover lifestyle, real estate and investment and alternative energy options, medical, safety and business considerations in making a move to or investing in Nicaragua.

Over the course of the tours, we provide an overview of areas of interest -- whether it's Leon, or Matagalpa or the Corn Islands of the Caribbean, or some mix of the above. The tour includes viewings of an areas's famous cultural icons, with trips to top resorts, residential developments, restaurants, supermarkets, popular eateries, parks, art gallery, pharmacies, convenience stores, open produce markets and furniture and hardware stores. It also includes meetings with the city's best doctors and senior police officials to discuss the health care and security systems.

In Matagalpa, a day of rest includes a trip to Selva Negra, the famous forest- and coffee-themed resort just outside of town, and the new Castillo de Cacao, the Dutch-owned chocolate factory with the breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the city landscape.
In Leon, it includes trips to the cathedral, other historical churches, gorgeous spanish colonials, museums, beaches and more.

In all areas, you'll be shown a selection of the best, highest value real estate in different categories.

Everything is taken care of -- all transportation and lodging accommodations are made by us, including breakfast -- except for lunch and dinner.

The tour price generally ranges widely, anywhere from $1500 per person to $3000 per person depending on your preferences and the scope of the tour, but the exact fee is calculated after we figure out exactly which kind of tour you'd like, what you'd like your geographical focus to be and how comprehensive you want it to be. The fee includes transportation, lodging and airport pickup.

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